About Topas Riverside Run

Set in the remote Nam Cang valley with race HQ at Topas Riverside Lodge, Topas Riverside Run is unique among the Vietnam Trail Series in its scale.  

The aim is to bring people to a very seldom visited part of Vietnam that is home to some of the most majestic river valleys, rice terraces and grand mountains in the land. You will pass many small villages of four different ethnic minority cultures. 

This race was born of inspiration following the period in lockdown. It was not in our plans for summer, but we were inspired by the natural landscapes on our recent Topas team trip. 

We know when we get the ‘wow’ feeling on the routes, our runners will feel it too. So, we decided the time is right to create something special and open registration for summer 2020. Our close relationship with the village and the province means we can do this fast. 

The race is a full weekend experience. Runners will travel together from Hanoi and stay in Nam Cang village, at our Topas Riverside Lodge, or in homestays of people who live in the surrounding area, many of whom have worked with Topas for years. If people want more comfort, we can also transfer people to the race from Topas Ecolodge around 45 minutes away. 

On Saturday we race in the morning and relax in the afternoon.  On Sunday we will take those who stay in Nam Cang for a beautiful recovery run/walk into another extremely beautiful river valley.